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  • Black Diamond Camalots from coloradocrackgear.com
  • Black Diamond Camalots from coloradocrackgear.com

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Product Description

Black Diamond Camalots

When it comes to climbing, nothing beats the durability and versatility of Black Diamond Camalots. With a vast variety of sizes and shapes, you'll never have trouble grabbing the perfect cam for that pin scar or crack.

These Black Diamond camming units are crafted with a double-axle design, meaning their expansion range is out of this world when you retract the larger cam lobes.

The super lightweight construction is another great benefit of the Black Diamond Camalots--after all, every ounce counts when you're scaling a cliff face. With these camming units, you'll never feel bogged down by extra weight.

Why the Black Diamond Camalot Cam

Ergonomics is also important when it comes to cams, and these Black Diamond wonders fit your hand perfectly. The thumb loops are large enough to work with gloves on and the grips are easy to control.

The thinner profile of Black Diamond Camalots, as opposed to wider products from competing brand names, allows for much more versatility in performance. No matter how awkward a nook or cranny may be, you can be sure the cam will find a way to get that perfect fit.

Black Diamond Camalots come in a variety of sizes, from the bulky and headstrong #6 to the wily and graceful #0.3, so you're sure to have the perfect cam for every moment of your climb.

Weight : 75 g, 2.65 oz
Strength : 
8 kN, 1798 lbf (size 0.3)
10 kN, 2248 lbf (size 0.4)
12 kN, 2698 lbf (size 0.5)
14 kN, 3147 lbf (size 0.75-6)
Range : 
13.8-23.4 mm, 0.54-0.92 in (size 0.3)
15.5-26.7 mm, 0.61-1.05 in (size 0.4)
19.6-33.5 mm, 0.77-1.32 in (size 0.5)
23.9-41.2 mm, 0.94-1.62 in (size 0.75)
30.2-52.1 mm, 1.19-2.05 in (size 1)
37.2-64.9 mm, 1.46-2.55 in (size 2)
50.7-87.9 mm, 2.00-3.46 in (size 3)
66.0-114.7 mm, 2.60-4.51 in (size 4)
85.4-148.5 mm, 3.36-5.85 in (size 5)
114.1-195.0 mm, 4.50-7.68 in (size 6)


There are 9 review(s) for this product

  • Dependable Black Diamond Camalot Holds a Lot

    by Your Name – 24th Jun 2013

    The Black Diamond Camalot is the type of cam I love to use. It clamps in quickly, doesn't budge when I put weight on it, and contracts when you want it to. Their weight makes them easy to carry up the face. They also expand pretty far, so wider cracks can become hand and footholds. The Camalot's got the stuff.

  • You Can Rely on a Black Diamond Camalot

    by Dave Utah – 23rd May 2013

    Cams are one piece of equipment I will not compromise on, which is why I usually reach for a Black Diamond Camalot. I find them to be much easier to control than a lot of other cams, and that narrow profile is great for cracks. Most of all, I'm confident in their toughness; I haven't had one break so far, and they've been put through their paces.

  • The Black Diamond Camalot Line is Top Notch

    by Jimmy – 17th Apr 2013

    I have big hands, and the Black Diamond Camalot line is one I can work easily with. I don't feel like I'm fumbling all with it at all. This is important when you are dangling off the face of a mountain--you want to make sure your gear is tight. Glad I found some that I feel confident working with.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 28th Mar 2013

    The Black Diamond camalot are great for serious climbers. These are really sturdy and strong. I love working with them on the mountain.

  • Have Several of the Black Diamond Camalot and LOVE them

    by Lo – 14th Mar 2013

    If you've been using other cams, you are going to be blown away by the Black Diamond Camalot line. I have several sizes, and then they are amazing. Sturdy and trustworthy, they are worth every penny. Get them!

  • The Never Fail Black Diamond Camalot

    by Aaron – 27th Feb 2013

    I've used several brands of cams over the years, but the Black Diamond camalot is my go-to. I've never had one let me down. They are well worth the investment for a better cam when you climb.

  • Black Diamond Camalot are as good as people say they are

    by Your Name – 29th Jan 2013

    My girlfriend convinced me to try these, and I'm a convert. Everyone raves about the Black Diamond Camalot, but they really are that good. These are crazy strong, and you are getting what you pay for. Terrific cams!

  • Best friend forever

    by Unknown – 22nd Sep 2012

    Black Diamond CAMS need I say more. I love the action and the feeling of bringing the ground up to me every time I place this #6 in an off width. definitely worth the price!

  • Cam e lots

    by Eldo – 11th Sep 2012

    Very very sturdy and have never had one blow!